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Butterflies as a symbol of transformation is the meaning behind the creation and design of my ‘You Can Fly’ glass butterfly pendant collection. I believe all women are butterflies emerging from their chrysalis into their full story of life, and the world needs our healing stories. Each woman who purchases one of my ‘wings’ has an opportunity to share a story of transformation. 

I am so excited and honored to launch my first 'Chrysalis Moment'  interview featuring Karen Mason. Her story of courage in the face of life-threatening circumstances will inspire all.

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Canada - eTransfer, cash, credit card (credit card transaction fee $5.00/pendant and $2.00/earrings)

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Canada:  $15 CDN

US:  $25 CDN 


One-of-a-Kind Sterling Silver and Glass 'You Can Fly'  Pendants
Butterfly  and Bee-Yourself Collection

With 20" or 30" adjustable high quality sterling silver necklace - $195 CDN (taxes incl) each


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'You Can Fly' Pendants and Earrings

I love creating with color, sparkle and joy using butterfly wings as my symbol of transformation. Are you a butterfly emerging from your chrysalis into your full story of life?    If wearing one of my  ‘wings’  is a rich celebration of how far you have traveled and all that is possible, then my dream has come true!

I design in the moment using music and movement. No two pendants are alike and they are named by women providing the first name, emotion evoked by the design. The name given is heart-felt and perfect for each pendant. Using 4000 year old Egyptian fused glass techniques and hours of attention to detail, I create extraordinary results to reflect the sparkle inside you!

Want your own story, colours, images told in glass? See the pendant drop down menu 'Custom Pendants'

 'You Can Fly’ Butterfly and Bee-Yourself Pendant and Earring Collection

Sterling Silver Lobster Attachment Blue Shimmer Earrings

Other Colours Can Be Made For This Earring Design

Glass and Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling silver ear wires, short or long style

$75 CDN (taxes incl)

Purchase with a 'You Can Fly' Pendant

$65 CDN (taxes incl)

Sterling Silver Silver Blue Shine Earrings

Painted Desert

Banner Photography by Mary Coakley

Sterling Silver Blue Shine Earrings

One-of-a-Kind Sterling Silver and Glass 'You Can Fly'  Pendants

Sterling silver Butterfly  and Bee-Yourself Collection

Contact me  for photos of recent collection


One-of-a-Kind Silver Plated and Glass 'You Can Fly'  Butterfly Pendants

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