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Creating the Art of Emergence at Downtown and Around

Butterflies as a symbol for transformation is the meaning behind the creation and design of my ‘You Can Fly’ fused glass butterfly pendants.

I believe all women are butterflies emerging from their chrysalis into their full story of life, and the world needs our healing stories. Each woman who purchases one of my ‘wings’ has an opportunity to share a story of transformation. 

I am so excited and honored to launch my first three 'Chrysalis Moment' interviews featuring Karen Mason, Susan Ferreira and Sherry Priebe. Their stories of courage in the face of life-changing circumstances will inspire all.

I didn’t do any type of art until my mid-forties. I was so scared to start, “What if I wasn’t artistic?” Upon entering my first workshop I saw a mobile hanging in the door created by a 5 year old the week before. I thought, “How will I ever be able to do something that good?” I felt sick. I did the workshop anyway with the loving support of my husband who gently pushed me over the studio threshold. I then began years of training by amazing glass art teachers and mentors. I am absolutely committed to making sure people in my workshops feel at ease with the entire workshop experience.

I predominately use an ancient technique in my designs - glass fusing - and also use cast inclusions and hand shaped hot parts from my small open flame. Melting glass in kilns or using an open flame, is dangerous, hot, often unpredictable, and demands focused attention to combine chemistry, physics and creative design. In other words, lots of fun!

I am especially passionate about the 4000 year old art of fused glass and teaching, so I have combined my two passions by offering people a chance to explore their creativity and try something new that is just a little dangerous. I am offering  fused glass workshops for all levels of experience, especially those who have never worked with glass.

Susan's Biography

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